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Benefits of Infrared Services

Safety: Surveys are conducted with a minimum of contact with equipment Reliability: A properly conducted inspection will produce results not obtained through conventional means Affordability: Potential problems can be found before they become real issues, preventing unexpected shut-downs or replacement of expensive equipment ROI (Return On Investment): Infrared Testing has the highest return on investment. […]

Engineering and Mechanical Services

ThermoTesT provides engineering services in the following ares: Vibration analysis, harmonic analysis, power of quality monitoring, EMF studies, power factor testing and ultrasonic testing. ThermoTesT provides many other testing and maintenance services to help facility engineers keep their distribution systems running efficiently and reliably. Working with your staff, ThermoTesT can help plan a maintenance schedule […]

Arc Flash and Short Circuit Studies

Companies are increasingly concerned with the safety of their employees and contractors who may work with hazardous electrical equipment. The most common electrical injuries come from electric show and from arc flash. Electric Shock occurs when contact with live parts causes current to pass through the body to ground or to another phase. The most […]